The Shield of Artos
The Shield of Artos
Sleeper Wakes

of the
Dragon King

Many Worlds
to the
Future King
--Middle Grade / Young Adult fantasy series

"THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING." That was the best-known title of the legendary High King of Britain and of all Albion, King Arthur. Camelot, Excalibur, Merlin the wizard, the Knights of the Round Table. All elements of a beloved mythology known throughout the world.

But who was Arthur Pendragon? Was he even real at all, or simply an enduring folk tale? King Arthur, it was said, died at the hands of one of his own kinsmen. Yet many of the people of England still believe the Once great King will one day in the Future be king AGAIN.

And how do Merlin, the many worlds and dimensions of our universe, the Celtic myth of the Endless Knot, and two American children of our own world come together to finish a tale begun long ago?

Enter an ancient story, perhaps even finding its origin in another realm entirely, which will bring you face-to-face with dragons, elves, trolls, and dozens of other mystical creatures known and unknown, call into question all you know of time and space, and just might answer once and for all how Arthur, the Once King of Britain, could one day return when the world--indeed, the entire cosmos--needs him most.

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