Matthew James Edwards is a professional novelist and published playwright. His first brush with writing success came in 1992 in Chicago when he entered the national Norton Phoenix Writing Competition. His poem, a modern interpretation of Shakespeare's "Seven Ages of Man" soliloquy, received a Best New Poetry Award, and was critiqued and read aloud at that year's national conference by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gwendolyn Brooks.

Matthew has written 15 stage plays to date. His first one act play, "THE PITCH," was featured in Watertower Theatre's Out Of The Loop Festival in 2004. Two of his more recent one act plays were published with Next Stage Press. His first full-length play, the epic romance "WRITTEN IN TIME," (Click title for more) was produced in 2012 and nominated for a Column Award for Best New Work by a Local Playwright. His highly successful full-length Film Noir comedy, "SILVER SCREEN SLAYER," was produced twice in 2014 by two different theatre companies, and also nominated for Best New Work by a Local Playwright.

Much of Matthew's additional published poetry comes in the form of song lyrics for several successful bands he either worked with, played in, or fronted, from 1995-2006. He also wrote "HELLO NEIGHBOR," a poem inspired by the legendary work "In Flander's Field" as a promotion for the regional premier of the World War I romance stage play "Mary's Wedding," produced by Rover Dramawerks of Plano, TX.

Matthew has six completed novels as of September, 2015. The genres range from Middle Grade/Young Adult Fantasy to Romance and even Horror. Click on the WORKS link above more for information.

Matthew is also a bit of a modern Renaissance Man: I.T. professional, writer, musician, artist, dancer, DJ, photographer, and occasional actor. He earned his bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of North Texas. He's an award-winning stage actor who has performed in more than 50 productions. He also costumed professionally for more than 10 years, painted and assisted in building sets, and even directed several successful mainstage productions across two states, including a stage version of the radio drama "The War of the Worlds," which he helped adapt. He has taught and performed jazz era dances for nearly 20 years, and even appeared as a swing dancer in the 1998 film "To Serve and Protect" with Craig T. Nelson, Richard Crenna, and James Franco.

When he's not hunched over his tablet writing his next best-seller, you'll find Matthew designing websites (including this one), teaching social dance, enjoying a night of Lindyhop at a local Swing Dance venue, painting something with watercolor or pastels, and continuing to write, program, and perform music. You might even spot him returning once in a while to stage acting.

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"(Matthew has) a natural gift for dialogue. The Sleeper Wakes has great pacing. His images are bold and clear... excellently written."
--Betsy Hayes, Best-selling author.
"Matthew Edwards has an impressive skill for depicting an authentic, spiritually motivated, yet heated romance without ever coming off as corny, quaint, or didactic.

"...'Written In Time' is pleasurable, absorbing, and poignant. A charming, engaging, wistful play that explores the connection between fate (or divine intervention?) and romance. It's a grand evening of theatre and a show you shouldn't miss."

--Pegasus News
"It was a nicely written love story. It hit all of your emotions. It made you laugh and it made you sad... I thoroughly enjoyed it."
member review
"Local Playwright Matthew Edwards (author of the impressive 'Written In TIme') has some splendid, original ideas. There's a lovely, relaxed, playful quality to 'Silver Screen Slayer' that gives the players lots of room to emote and inject that loopy element of absurdity that stage comedy thrives on."

--Christopher Soden, The Examiner
Writer Matthew James Edwards whips all the fun of film noir into a pulpy parody romp. ...This show is above the mark."

--David Novinski, Theatre Jones
"There is a tangible sense of yearning that envelopes 'Written In Time,' an exquisitely sad little memory play... artfully crafted by Matthew J. Edwards and currently treated to a classy premier staging by Rover Dramawerks."

--Theatre Jones
'THE PITCH' is "a clever idea."
--Lawson Taitte, The Dallas Morning News